TimberXP Launches: Redefining construction with innovative mass timber solutions

Engineering for Sustainability: Structural engineers TimberXP’s debut for mass timber engineering, design and development.

TimberXP, a new structural engineering consultancy based in Sydney, Australia, has recently launched, aiming to redefine construction with its innovative mass timber and hybrid solutions.

According to Jesse Hallen, Co-Founder and Director of TimberXP, the consultancy is passionate about decarbonising the built environment and reducing the industry’s environmental impact through advanced design methods and early supply-chain involvement.

They’ve launched TimberXP to provide structural design, structural analysis, and research and development (R&D) services to support and promote mass-timber and hybrid structural systems, with a strong focus on Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) principles.

Jesse Hallen, Co-Founder and Director, TimberXP.

Hallen said, “A unique aspect of TimberXP’s methodology is our emphasis on taking a systems approach to construction. Rather than starting each project from scratch, TimberXP aims to promote the reuse of design methodologies and components, taking a systematic approach that can be applied to various projects. Our approach allows for more efficient and sustainable construction practices, reduces material waste, transportation, and labour while increasing the quality of the finished product by leveraging prefabricated elements.”

Hallen and his co-founder are Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng) registered on the Engineers Australia National Engineering Register (NER). Both have worked for Lendlease as mass timber structural engineers.

“My co-founder and I have spent a lot of time over the last few months figuring out how to bring our dreams to reality, and this is the exciting first step,” said Hallen.

“We’re taking the best parts of our experiences, delivering projects, and will support people who are on their ‘kit-of-parts’ journey. We’ll operate in a space where people can develop their own systems, and leverage our expertise to engineer and assemble those systems for mass timber and hybrid buildings.”

By promoting sustainable construction practices and taking a systems approach to design and development, TimberXP aims to contribute to the transformation of the built environment towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

See: https://www.timberxp.com.au/

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