WA modular housing tender modular house

WA modular housing tender opportunities

The WA Government’s Department of Communities is seeking registered builders to construct modular housing across the state.

Delivering on their recent State Budget commitment to build modular housing properties across Western Australia for their Modular Build Program, they’ve published a modular housing tender document via Tender WA.

The modular housing tender closes on Friday 17 December 2021 at 2.30pm (WST)

According to the tender documents:

The Housing Authority, operating under the Department of Communities (the Principal) invites interested businesses to submit an Offer in response to this Request, to join a Design and Construct Panel arrangement, for the Provision of Modular Residential Housing, State-wide.    

The Principal intends to utilise this Panel to subsequently efficiently engage successful Panel Contractors to deliver: Social Housing; Government Regional Officer Housing (GROH); and potentially, Remote Aboriginal Community Housing.

Contract Deliverables

Respondents are requested to Offer an end-to-end modular housing solution, in accordance with the Specification set out within the Request documents, including by:

  • Designing prefabricated, modular housing residential dwellings to the Principal’s satisfaction, suitable for the Sites specified in the D&C Contract;
  • Prefabricating modular residential dwellings in accordance with the Design Guidelines and Specifications in the D&C Contract;
  • Transporting the dwellings to the Sites specified by the Principal in the D&C Contract; and
  • Undertaking all building and ancillary works required to install the dwelling on-site to the required specification.

An additional Expression of Interest is also released, DOC9616821, seeking interest to join a Construct Only, Panel arrangement, for the Provision of Prefabricated Residential Housing, State-wide.

Contact: Ishfa Latheef (technical and contractual) TenderEnquiries.ModularPanel@communities.wa.gov.au 

Download the modular housing tender here: DOWNLOAD

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