Lotterywest prefabricated housing

WA Government Lotterywest funding for prefabricated housing

Prefabricated housing for homeless women aged 55 or older

The WA Government has announced Lotterywest funding of $2.2 million to support the manufacture of 18 prefabricated houses for women aged 55 and over who are the fastest-growing cohort experiencing homelessness in Australia.

The partnership is between St Patrick’s Community Support Centre and My Home Australasia, and will provide the prefabricated housing on a vacant site in North Fremantle.

According to a government statement, the prefabricated walls, roof and floor panels will be delivered to site; internal fitout will be completed onsite.

St Patrick’s will allocate the dwellings to clients, and facilitate the tenants’ access to support services to help them sustain their tenancies and live as independently as possible in the community.

Tenants will pay rent, which will be calculated as if they live in public housing.

The North Fremantle site is owned by the Public Transport Authority and St Patrick’s will have a peppercorn lease with the Department of Communities.
Minderoo Foundation is also providing funding for the prefabricated housing project.

My Home Australasia is a philanthropic development organisation that takes an architectural approach to housing and land developments to provide a high standard of accommodation for people who would otherwise be homeless.

Watch a prefabricated My Home construction here:

WA Minister for Community Services, Simone McGurk, said: “The My Home (prefabricated housing) proposal to provide high-quality, architect-designed prefabricated homes on vacant, State Government-owned land has been about two years in the making.

“It is an innovative idea and the State Government will be monitoring its progress and outcomes.

“It is a sad reality that women aged over 55 are the fastest-growing cohort of people experiencing homelessness in Australia, so I welcome this project’s focus on enabling vulnerable individuals to live safely and comfortably in the community with wraparound support services.

“There has been extensive negotiation between all the parties involved, and this $2.2 million in Lotterywest funding will make the idea a reality.”


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