Park Regis, 500 Hay Street Subiaco.

The Australian Steel Institute (ASI) shares the latest developments affecting the steel sector, from the application of innovative steel framing to an upcoming national seminar series.

Development of a medium-rise mixed use building in inner western Perth took advantage of a novel steel framing approach for Australia allowing for a lighter structure and accommodating more works to occur simultaneously.

The development comprises two adjacent structures: a 10-storey building of hotel, cinema and retail space, and six-storeys of grade A office space above retail and food courts, with the buildings being built over three levels of underground car parking space.

Tight site constraints ruled out open cut construction methods for the 12-metre deep excavation for the basement parking levels, opening the way for a top-down construction approach to be adopted. As the name implies, top-down construction allows a permanent structure to rise upward as the basement is excavated downward.

In this case, the structural design by the project’s lead engineering practice, Airey Taylor, allowed construction of the building’s superstructure to commence whilst basement levels were still being excavated, saving a significant 12 weeks of project construction time.

The superstructure consists of structural steel frame (beams and columns) and composite decking using permanent steel formwork supported by a braced steel core. It is believed to be the first steel-cored building ever constructed in Perth and is the first time that a steel framing system of this type designed for the main cores has been adopted in Australia.

The steel frame combined with a steel core allows for faster, more efficient construction methods, carried out by one main contractor. In this project, the construction of the core using in-situ technology would have slowed down
the program.

The process of prefabrication commenced with the creation of the 3D model using Tekla. During the detailed design of the various members, Hera Engineering, which undertook value engineering, considered the logistics of transport to site to maximise the number of steel beams per truck and minimise the number of lifts. Hera was also responsible for the construction engineering needed during assembling of the steel.

Park Regis: due to open in August 2017.

Park Regis: due to open in August 2017.

During the design process, Hera also identified a good opportunity to apply project-specific structural fire engineering solutions which led to an extensive reduction of the passive fire protection required for the floor beams.

The work package provided by the project’s prime steel contractor, Pacific Industrial Company, included shop detailing, steelwork fabrication, surface treatment, transport to site and erection of the structural steelwork.

The steelwork for the project amounted to around 1000 tonnes of structural steel and 15,400sqm worth of steel decking for the office tower with 750 tonnes of structural and 10,000sqm of steel decking for the hotel tower.

Due to the site parameters and minimal lay-down space, a ‘Just in Time’ delivery method was used that allowed efficient delivery of structural steel members without causing unnecessary congestion. Cradles of structural steel were loaded in the sequence of works in a predetermined program, allowing efficient erection of members onsite. The project is due for completion this August.

An upcoming national seminar series promises to shed light on key developments influencing the effective application of steel.

AS/NZS 1252 High strength steel bolts update.

The ASI will conduct a series of presentations about the improvements contained in the revised Australian Standard AS/NZS 1252. Revisions to the High Strength Bolting Standard AS/NZS 1252 Parts 1 and 2 published in December 2016 go a long way to redressing concerns about the use of non-compliant bolts by the construction sector. Part 2 of the Standard is an entirely new section and defines the requirements for a range of testing that can be undertaken to verify product conformity to AS/NZS 1252 Part 1. In the context of an increasingly globalised procurement regime, Part 2: Verification Testing has an important role to play in ensuring the quality of all high-strength bolts imported into the country.

Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane: 8 May, 9 May, 22 May, 23 May, 30 May

This series is designed to provide engineers and architects with the necessary guidance to understand the applicability of existing corrosion protection specifications and for selecting an appropriate cost-effective coatings system to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 2312 ‘Guide to the protection of structural steel against atmospheric corrosion using protective coatings’ and the newly released AS/NZS 5131 ‘Structural steelwork – Fabrication and erection’.

Speakers include corrosion and coatings specialist with many years of experience from Aurecon’s Materials Technology Group in Melbourne, Dr Rob Francis who is Chair of the committee responsible for AS/NZS 2312 Part 1 on paint coatings and Galvanizers Association of Australia Chief Executive Peter Golding who is chair of the committee responsible for AS/NZS 2312 Part 2 on galvanizing.

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth: 22 May, 23 May, 24 May, 29 May, 30 May.

For more information visit the ASI website:

To be notified when the event opens, email: with your name, email, occupation and state.

Free structural steelwork specification Closely following formal publication of AS/NZS 5131 in December 2016, the ASI has made freely available for download the National Structural Steelwork Specification (NSSS) and associated Standard Drawing Notes (SDN) in editable format following expert reviews, providing design guidance for specifiers and engineers to meet the requirements of the new Standard. Visit:

The ASI is currently revising its dedicated national directory of steel fabricators with proven capability in supplying multilevel building construction projects including commercial and office towers, residential high-rise towers, major retail developments and multilevel car parks. To download your copy free-of-charge, visit: ■

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