SecureLap: eliminating issues with water entry, metal-to-metal contact corrosion.

PIR insulated roof and walling manufacturer Bondor/Metecno has announced the launch of a roofing product offering an innovative solution for connecting insulated panel roofs.

PIR (Polyisocyanurate) is a thermoset plastic typically produced as a foam and used as rigid thermal insulation. After more than 18 months of rigorous testing, including weather testing to Australian Standards (conducted by CSIRO), the system, trading under the ‘SecureLap’ trademark, is positioning itself as a leading solution for the Australian commercial roofing market. Also applicable as an element in prefab builds, the system is designed to offer watertight security.

Bondor National Sales Manager and Project Leader for SecureLap Glen Roberts, said this system evolved from demand for PIR roofing systems designed to withstand Australia’s demanding weather conditions.

“The sheet-to-sheet end-laps that are acceptable in other parts of the world have been problematic in Australia, leading to Bondor/Metecno’s focus on developing a better solution for local conditions,” he said.

“SecureLap will revolutionise lapping systems available in Australia, eliminating issues with water entry, metal-to-metal contact corrosion and reliance on sealant or multiple runs of difficult to align butyl tape.”

“The SecureLap assembly provides a flexible sealing strip, which is moulded to suit MetecnoSpan PIR roofing profile. The primary fixing plate is secured through the lower level panel into the purlin while the secondary, sliding fixing plate is connected to the upper level sheet. This allows minor thermal movement likely in long panel roof runs. The compressive closed cell sealing system eliminates wind driven rain from entering the lap while lower level sheet turn-ups act as a secondary mechanical barrier to water entry, not available in current end-lapping options.”

“SecureLap is an affordable alternative that allows connection over a single purlin, eliminates the need for sealants, provides the security of weather testing by CSIRO and is endorsed by respected coil supplier BlueScope Steel,” he said.

“These added layers of security provide asset owners, architects, builders and roof contractors a level of confidence about their roof installation not previously afforded by sheet-to-sheet end-lapping.”■

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